Ube Can Hallway

Contract Brewing

Start-to-finish contract brewing and packaging services.



  • 30bbl brew batches
  • Dry hop capability
  • High Gravity brewing options
  • Consistency, quality and automation
  • Modern brewing technology teamed with the human touch of our skilled brewers and production staff
  • Access to a wide variety of malts, hops and brewing ingredients.
  • Automated brew house providing reliable process control, but retaining continuous human input
  • Fully qualified brewing and quality assurance staff
Package labels


  • Bottles: 12 oz./750ml / pry-top / Paper-label capability
  • Cans: 12 oz., 16 oz. / Paper-label capability
  • Packages: 4/6-packs, 6/4-packs, 2/12-packs and 24 loose
  • Draft: Sixtels, Quarters, Halves

We are closer than you think!

Conveniently located in Central New Jersey with close access to the GSP, Route 195 & the NJ Turnpike for easy logistics.

If you would like to get more information as to how Beach Haus Brewery may be able to help get your brand get started or help your existing brand grow, contact our Director of Operations Dylan Kohan.

Dylan Kohan

Director of Operations

[email protected]

732 202 7782